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First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and my current work. Because my English is not on a high level as it's getting much better I will use simple sentences for easier understanding.

I was born in 1987 and I live in the Czech Republic, which is a small country located in the heart of Europe.


Since I was a little girl I always dreamed of spending time with horses. When I was eight years old, I started to ride in a local riding club. Nine years later, in 2004, I used all of my earned money to buy my very first horse, an older thoroughbred which has been part of my life till he passed away in 2021.


In 2009, I completely fell in love with miniature horses and I bought my first miniature stallion from the Netherlands.

In that time we had just a small community of miniature horses in the Czech republic so it was a great chance for me to start something new and be part of the process of building the Czech Minihorse Association. 


Naturally I started to be more interested in working with miniature horses and I found passion in showing. 

From 2012, I have competed in all performance and halter classes and joined all possible clinics all over Europe led by the biggest trainers and handlers from the USA.


From 2015, I started offering my knowledge and skills to my friends and clients from the Czech Republic and other countries. Together with my husband Pavel we organise 2-3 workshops every year for beginners. They can get information about show preparations, rules and paperwork. In addition each spring we organise local shows for miniature horses with international attendance. All these activities had to be stopped in 2020 due to covid restrictions.

Beside that we are running a training centre for youth and other breeders. 


It's also important to mention that I had been a board member in the Czech Miniature Horse Breeders Association (ACHMK) for two years and so I worked on changes and improvement of studbook rules.


In 2018, I participated in a judge clinic in the UK and later I was invited as a shadow judge at the AMHA show in the Netherlands. That should be the first step to be an official AMHA judge. Unfortunately I was not able to finish it due to worldwide circumstances.


Nowadays we own together with my husband one of the biggest herd of American Miniature Horses here in the Czech Republic - around 20 broodmares, 5 show geldings and 10 stallions, based on the best bloodlines. We offer breeding service with 6-8 stallions for the clients' mares. Of course we help them with everything about foaling incl. paperwork. Each year we produce around 6 foals from our broodmares based on careful selection, because quality is for us much more important than quantity.


I also personally offer transport service for miniature horses across Europe. I love visiting other farms and breeders and I'm always glad if I can help clients to find their new dream horses.


My best helper is my four-year-old son Jan who always travels with me. At shows he competes in performance classes for the smallest kids and finds fancy in driving.

In the forthcoming year we plan to organise again two clinics for all miniature keepers focused on registrations of their horses and studs. We would like to support them in their breeding programs and help them so they don't have to be stressed out anymore in the show ring. 


Thank you for your time, I appreciate your interest in me and my work. Hope you get all the important information. 


Best Regards Veronika Vonkova Pazourkova

Royal Liberty Miniatures Czech Republic

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